Adjusting my plan for injury

Its week 4 of the module (Born to Run) an marathon training has been going pretty well. I am super impressed with our students and how they have all committed to this crazy idea. We have all learned so much about the psychology of endurance running and have had some great runs together. Here they are, making their implementation intentions known by leaving the class by the ‘I am a marathoner’ door (rather than the ‘way out’)!


Our students have also been documenting their journeys through a number of blogs which I have LOVED reading. Here’s a great one discussing Grit.

We now all have training plans and are heading in the right direction, but inevitably niggles and pains are cropping up and we are all having to learn how to adjust our short-term goals in order to maintain our long term goal of running the marathon on 28th May.

I have struggled for a couple of years with a dodgy Achilles but if I look after it, its ok and  I have been able to get some good long runs in. However…(and perhaps in compensation for my Achilles) the inside edge of the arch of my left foot is now hurting and is inflamed. This has been threatening for some time but I thought it might go away. Its not debilitating but it is concerning. Its particularly concerning since I am running a half marathon on Sunday 19th Feb (in 3 days!) I think I have now self-diagnosed with Abductor Hallucis Strain which is a new one on me and took a while to research. Its basically the tendon running along the inside of my foot and sorts out the alignment of my big toe. Problems here are related to weak ankles (tick), over pronation (tick although I have good shoes now), Achilles tendonitis (tick) and bunions (tick – but weirdly not on that foot!!!) Advice seems to be rest, ice, and some kind of taping of the foot – this I shall look into.

I have already got a 10 mile and an 11 mile run under my belt in preparation for the run, and I know I can do the distance since I have run two half marathons before. With the need for ‘rest’ in mind I decided to not do my longer run last weekend (should have been 6 miles) and instead let my foot rest. I have been taking Ibruprofen and have been applying ice (when I remember) to the area. It seems a little better but not great. I tested it out on a group run on Tuesday when we did just under 10k (which I guess is the 6 miles I didn’t do at the weekend). My foot was sore to start with but eased off as the run progressed and I really enjoyed being out there. I have chosen not to run on Wednesday or Thursday but will try and get a 30 minute run in on Friday just to remind my legs of what to do before the race on Sunday. I also have to bear in mind that the event on Sunday is really only a training run (with bling!) for the full marathon. Therefore I need to set aside any thoughts of setting a new PB. The problem is…once I get there and start running I will be clock-watching! Maybe I’ll leave the watch behind….?

Its really frustrating when you can’t stick to your plan, and I used to worry and panic about it. However, I am feeling pretty relaxed about the whole thing and I think listening to my body and having strategic rest is just as effective (if not more so) then logging extra mileage. On a scale of 1-10 (10 being the worst) I am only rating this as about a 2 have decided all will be fine. Better nip and get some more Ibruprofen!


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  1. Emma Payne says:

    Good luck for the half marathon

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